Integrative Visit

Many times parents are told that their child will outgrow a specific condition and are given little to no guidance as to what may be triggering the issue or how to manage or treat it. We look into what could be causing the concerns, provide a patient centered care plan and perform follow up visits to help heal your child. Our goal is to promote a life of wellness and not to just "band-aide" the issues with medications. 

We are experienced in: 

Newborn Exam

At Reclaim Wellness we know how important it is to start your sweet new bundle of joy off right. We spend quality time with you and your baby to ensure that your questions are answered and that both mom and baby are doing well. We have experience with premature infants, NICU graduates, jaundice, breastfeeding concerns and lip and tongue-ties. We are here to support you and your newborn.  

Wellness Exam

Routine wellness exams are an integral part of maintaining health and wellness. We offer routine well exams that take a holistic approach. We are here to partner with you and your child to ensure that they are meeting their milestones, maintaining their nutritional needs and to ensure that they are reaching their health desires. We love being able to support parents and their children throughout their wellness journey.  

Hearing and Vision

We offer OAE hearing screening for newborns up to adolescence. We also offer vision screening. This can be scheduled as an individual appointment or added on to your well child check or sports physical.

Sick Visit

We know that it can be stressful to have a sick child and therefore we offer same day sick appointments to accommodate you during these times. 

Lab Review

Follow-up appointment for basic and complex lab reviews. These can be done via in office or telehealth.

Wart Removal

Often times warts will resolve on their own over time, but sometimes they continue to grow and spread. They can become painful and sometimes people want them gone for cosmetic reasons. We offer several different options for wart treatment and can discuss these with you during your appointment. 

Sports Physical

We know how important it is for children to be able to participate in sporting events. Often children are sent home with sports physical forms that need to be completed quickly in order for them to be able to participate in sporting events at school. We offer same day sports physicals and complete the required paperwork at your scheduled appointment. 


For our families that live far away or who just prefer to have a visit from the comfort of their home, we are able to perform a telehealth visit to accommodate your needs. There are some illnesses that we really prefer to see your child in the office for so that we can ensure an appropriate diagnosis, but there are many concerns that can be addressed using the telehealth option. We do have a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform that is used for these visits.